dog training - background

Nir trained is first dog at the age of 10; it was the family cocker spaniel.  Using an instructional book on dog training, it soon became apparent that he was easily able to go beyond what the manual had to offer. The enthusiasm exhibited by the dog towards their newly found cooperation captivated him and the fascination has never dwindled since, pushing him to learn as much as possible on the training of dogs.  

As a teenager, a chance meeting with a renowned dog trainer, Moshe Engelberg, laid the foundation to a career in dog training. Nir began teaching while in his teens and soon got involved in training security dogs, both in a civilian capacity and for military purposes. At the same time, he developed an interest in learning, and later teaching, the German training test of Schutzhund (translated as 'protection dog'), gaining an instructor's certificate whilst still a teenager. During this period he was fortunate enough to work with his mentor, Engelberg, on various projects, from military use of dogs to academic behavioural studies. 

Following on from there, Nir took part in a number of specialised dog training projects in various countries.  working with Engelberg to transport 30 working dogs, mostly German shepherds, from Germany to Manila in the Philippines, they then spent a few months training local handlers and dogs to patrol the jungles of Mindanao in the southern Philippines and protect gold mines.  Next Nir moved to South Africa where he spent a few years training dogs for a variety of purposes and in different disciplines , later carrying out similar projects in various other parts of the world. During this time he continued his work in competitive dog training, improving his skills and understanding as a handler and as an instructor.  He also developed an interest in behaviour correction, becoming increasingly involved in helping owners to resolve their dogs' problematic behaviour patterns. 

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