Bark n’ Fly offers busy owners the opportunity to provide their dogs the attention, training, and time they deserve through the suite of services we offer, including dog day care, boarding, dog and puppy training, dog walking and an exclusive pick up and drop off service.

Day Care

Our dog day care centre has been designed to provide your much-loved canine friend with all the benefits of a sociable day, every day, while they are cared for by our team of fully trained and passionate professionals. At Bark n’ Fly the dogs in our care get to run and play in our securely fenced 2,000 square meters outdoor exercise area, or for those rainy days, our large indoor arena. We believe the best thing about our day care is that your dog will receive the socialisation it needs. Domestic dogs simply do not get sufficient opportunities to fulfil their social needs properly. At Bark n’ Fly we make sure there is plenty of opportunity for play with likeminded friends. Seeing how happy your dog is within this environment is testimony to how valuable this service is.

If you are looking for a fun, safe, nurturing dog sitting service in Edinburgh for your pet whilst you go about your day to day business, please do give us a call on 0131 3331222 for an informal chat.

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Boarding Kennels

Do you need to have your dog looked after? Whether you’re traveling away for holidays or work, moving to a new house or renovating, spending time in hospital, overwhelmed at work or simply need a night out with no responsibilities, we are ready to take care of your precious pooch when you need us most. Our fully licensed, spacious, and clean kennels, equipped with raised beds and individual wall mounted heaters, will provide your best friend with the most comfortable accommodation possible. We guarantee your dog will quickly feel at home.

During the day, your dog will spend the day in our day care facility, mingling and playing with other dogs and engaging in activities with our fully trained team. The dogs retire to their kennels only at night, where they can rest and sleep comfortably until morning. We do our very best to accommodate any kennelling requirement your dog may need, providing tailored, individual attention and care. We really do provide a home from home experience.

We’re a firm believer that your dog should enjoy the time away too, instead of counting the days until you return, so why not give us a call on 0131 333 1222 to discuss having your dog stay in our boarding kennels while you are away.

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Pick-up & Drop-off

We want to make life as easy as possible for you when it comes to looking after your pet. For those with busy lives, we offer the option of having your dog(s) picked up at the beginning of the day and dropped off at the end of the day in our secure vans. Our drivers are fully trained in the transportation of dogs and our vans are equipped for comfort. Within the vans are galvanised cages, with soft, rubber, individual flooring pads. The cost of this service is £5 each way for one dog and £1 for every additional dog from the same household, however the service is restricted to certain areas. Please contact us for more details on 0131 333 1222.

Raw Diet

Did you know that mainstream dog food can be compared with fast food for humans? It is cheaply produced cooked food, which is made from low-quality leftovers from other industries. This can be linked to many medical conditions that dogs suffer from. These days increasing numbers of vets, breeders and other canine professionals support the advantages of raw food. In fact, so do we. Bark n’ Fly stocks Natural Instincts raw food. We make sure our canine guests enjoy the best doggy dishes when they stay with us. If you would like more information, please call us on 0131 333 1222.

Dog Training

Bark n’ Fly offers a market leading, full dog training service, which we can safely say is one of the best in Edinburgh. We can work with your dog on basic or advanced obedience, or for a specific purpose or task, such as gun dog training. We believe one on one teaching is far more effective in producing fast and lasting results. Obedience is normally taught in exclusive, private lessons, as both dog and handler are individuals with varying abilities, traits, and requirements. We believe we can even help dogs where previous attempts at training have failed, to achieve the desired outcome.

If you have any dog training queries or would like more details about our service, we would be delighted to chat with you. Please call us on 0131 333 1222.

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Behaviour Correction

Owning a dog is not always a walk in the park. Dogs can exhibit a wide range of problematic habits and behavioural patterns, which can put a strain on even the most loving owner-dog relationship. As specialists in dog behaviour correction, we know from experience that these can be corrected, as long as these frustrating practices are not as a result of physiological deficiency. You might be surprised to learn that your dog’s behaviour can be changed surprisingly swiftly!

If you are trying to cope with difficult behaviour exhibited by your dog, please do not suffer in silence. We can explain exactly how we would suggest changing the behaviour of your dog, no matter how extreme you think the problems are. Please give us a call on 0131 333 1222.

Puppy Socialisation & Training

Dog socialisation is a top priority for us at Bark n’ Fly. Like human children, puppies are not born with the social skills that they require to live with their family, be that a canine family or a human one. At Bark n’ Fly we offer puppy owners the opportunity for their beloved pets to learn some key life skills. This ensures that your puppy is happy and confident in his or her environment and can communicate effectively within its social group. Your puppy will also get the benefit of being able to run and play with other canine friends in our secure, 2,000 square meter outdoor exercise area, or for those rainy days, our large indoor arena.

If you would like to know more about our puppy socialisation and training service, please give us a call on 0131 333 1222.

SMS Notification

If you are not at home when your dog is picked up or returned via our pickup and drop off service, we will ensure that an automated SMS message is sent to your mobile phone. This will notify you of the pickup or drop off by one of our drivers in our secure vans. This is achieved by our driver placing a mobile phone next to a small tag worn on your dog’s collar. The tag is supplied free of charge, as is the service. All you need to do is register with us. If you would like to find out more about this service, please call us on 0131 333 1222.

Amazing place for our two doggies. Have been using Bark n' Fly for about 5 years, and it's been great to know that our puppies are safe and happy on their hols when they stay. Definitely recommend!

Sarah Jeavons

Great service, very professional dog experts. Peace of mind if you cant take your doggo on your trip. Daily facebook pics are an excellent idea.

Susan Kemp

We regularly use Bark n Fly to kennel our active crossbreed. He really enjoys his time there, mixing with other dogs and running around the paddock. He comes back to us fit and healthy and kids on he's now the alpha male! The staff seem genuinely interested in our dog's well-being. He likes them too!

Allan J Robertson

Thanks to you all for making our family and business trips all the more enjoyable knowing our smallest family member is having a great time, we couldn’t relax as we do without the team at Bark n Fly.

Charles Wardman